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"If anyone understands the value of getting a good Absite score it is a foreign grad preliminary surgical resident looking for a categorical spot. I wanted to give myself the best shot at scoring well to improve my chances, so I attended this Absite Review Course 2 months before the exam. It was one of the best decisions I have made academically, as I went on to score in the top percentile in my class 2 years in a row. Now as a graduating chief resident, having matched into my number 1 Fellowship choice, I am attending this course one last time with a different focus, comfortably passing my Boards."
- A.C., Miami, FL

"I wanted to thank you and your partners for providing such a great review course. My review ABSITE score went from 55th to 85th percentile after having taken your course. While I did study significantly harder the course was icing on the cake."
- A.M., Brooklyn, NY

"Great teachers"
- C.B., Indianapolis, IN

"Lectures were excellent and had high-yield information"
- F.T., Morristown, NJ

"The staff was pretty responsive and answered questions appropriately"
- T.M., Bronx, NY

"Very organized and concise"
- C.H., Birmingham, AL

"Overall great and very helpful"
- J.C., Sayre, PA

"I will recommend this review course to my fellow residents"
- D.T., Knowville, TN

"I took the January course, and my score went from 60 percentile to 97 percentile! I will definitely recommend this course to other residents and hope to take it again next year. Thanks"
- E.K., Cleveland, OH

General Surgery Recertification
Our course has been recognized as an excellent general surgery review and recertification course for practicing surgeons.
"Overall great and very helpful"
- J.C., Sayre, PA
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An intensive two-day (weekend) review of high yield topics in both the clinical and basic science of surgery.
General Information
Fact 1 - This is the eleventh year for the course making it the oldest and most attended review course of its kind.
:: The largest and longest running review course of its kind ::