American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination (ABSITE)

Review Course


Ideal for surgeons taking the general surgery recertification examination

Weekend course covering all major topics in general surgery

November 9 & November 10, 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)

Originally designed as a review course for surgical residents taking the ABSITE, this course has been recognized as an excellent general surgery review and recertification course for practicing surgeons that want to refresh and renew their knowledge in various areas of general surgery they do not actively practice.

Advantages of this surgery recertification course include the fact that it takes place over a weekend so no time off from work is required.

Also, an excellent, concise review book is provided which follows the surgery recertification course and includes high-yield topics from which general surgery board exam questions are based.

The cost of $595.00 is less than half of most surgery recertification review courses.

Register to attend the ABSITE and General Surgery Review Course or review the topics covered that can be used for general surgery recertification.